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Got a roof leak and in need of a roof repair in Austin TX? Often a damaged roof isn’t just damaged in one area. There could be many other significant hidden damages that exist. Let us help you thoroughly inspect the damages and protect the roof over your family’s head.

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Your Long-Term Roofing Solutions

Does Your Roof Need A Repair Or Replacement?

Small and minor damages to your roof can easily be repaired. But an old roof or severely damaged roof might only last you a few months to a year (with a repair) before it gets damaged again by storms here in Austin, Texas. It would be best if you had long-term roofing solutions.

Only with an honest and thorough inspection from a local expert can you tell whether you need a repair or a roof replacement. We’ll provide you with documents and pictures that show what kind of damages are present and how they are affecting the durability of your roof.

Ignoring roof damages will bite back at you one way or another. Your roof has many functions. It keeps your family:

  • Warm in cold seasons
  • Cool in hot seasons
  • Keeps rainfall from flooding inside
  • Protection against hail storms
  • Protection from heavy wind
  • And so much more…

Because a roof benefits your family in many ways, you should always be a concern when you take notice of any damages on your roof. 

The right Austin roof repair company can save you money in the long-run. It all comes down to properly repairing and installing the parts back onto your roof. The bad installation also causes recurring roof problems, and you want to avoid that from the start by hiring a local residential roofing company.

Our roof repairs can also serve as a maintenance option for homeowners. Your roof needs to be in its absolute best condition every year. 

At Hometown Roofing ATX, we help homeowners prepare their roof to withstand the harsh weather conditions in Austin, Texas. 

Providing quality roofing solutions for a reliable and secure roof is our ultimate goal for you and your family. 

Roof Repair Austin TX

Dealing With Any of These Common Local Roofing Problems And Need A Roof Repair In Austin TX?

Roofs are made to withstand high impact and can endure a lot of things thrown at it. If you live in Central Texas, you know how bad the weather can get here. The weather will continuously challenge your roof’s durability year-round. It’s especially true here in Austin, Texas and surrounding areas. 

Let us, the professional roofers, help you make sure these common roofing problems are taken care of on time. We want to ensure you and your family will be warm and safe under a stable, secure, and reliable roof.

Roof Leaks

Is water leaking from your ceiling? Often, you won’t be able to detect the primary location that’s causing your roof to leak. It can also come from multiple locations.
Many things can cause your roof to leak. The flashing around your chimney and pipes could be damaged, or your roof could have been punctured by hail or flying debris from the wind. We help you inspect your roof and fix the areas the roof leaks are coming from.

Hail & Wind Damage

Your roof would laugh at a small hail storm and a bit of wind here and there. But when quarter-sized hail and 60mph wind hits, it’s severe and no joke. Inspection is a must so you can work with your insurance claim.

Hail can leave small damages (dings), and wind can lift off staples and nails that may seem not to be anything major. But over time, dings exposes your roof and weaken it to be punctured by the next storm. 

Tree Damage

Do you have large trees surrounding your home and roof? Strong wind can cause tree branches to fall on top of your roof. Austin Texas has lots of trees, and we also have strong winds. Depending on the branch size, roof repairs might not be enough.
Small and mid-size tree branches can leave damages that’ll cause small gaps and cracks that allow rainwater to slip through and cause mold, algae, and mildew to build up. It raises health concerns. Contact us immediately.

Curls & Missing Shingles

Curls and missing shingles on your roof are a clear indicator of wind damage, an old roof, or poor installation. A proper inspection will tell if a roof repair or roof replacement will be the best solution for the longevity of your roof.

The growing damages that you can expect from curled shingles and missing shingles are heat damage from the sun, water slipping through the roof, and into the wood, water damages, and easy access for pests to enter your home.

What's The Best Way To Avoid Costly Roof Repairs & Replacements?

Regular Maintenance & Roof Repair In Austin TX For An Optimal Roof!

We all know how bi-polar Austin Texas can be with her mood (weather). One month she’ll flood us with rain, another month with scorching heat. But the worst is throwing hail at us and blowing wind that causes total damage everywhere.

Luckily, your roof already does an excellent job of protecting you from most weather conditions here in Austin. But your roof isn’t going to take in all that damage without leaving some scars and tares behind. No matter how high quality your roof is, mother nature will always one-up its weather patterns.

If your roof could repair itself, that would solve a lot of your headaches, but it can’t just like your car, pool, lawn, etc. 

Because of this, we recommend locals to consider having their roof inspected, maintained, and repaired every year with a professional Austin roof repair company. A local company in Austin knows the type of damage and can understand your situation much better than out of state storm chasers knocking on your door. 

Proper yearly maintenance and repairs will help make your roof last much longer, save you from expensive replacements, and better protect you and your family.

We’re local professional roofing contractors here in town ready to provide you with roofing services that are second to none.

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Easy & Simple To Get Started With US for All Roofing Services

Hometown Roofing Makes It Easy For Homeowners To Get Their Roof Repair In Austin TX

1. Getting In Contact

The first step to getting your roof repaired is to call us or fill out our free estimate form. Once we get to talk and understand the problem you’re having with your roof, we’ll schedule an appointment to meet and inspect your roof from top to bottom. 

2. Free Inspection & Estimate

On the scheduled date, we’ll confirm with you ahead of time before we head out to your property. During the inspection, we’ll examine the damages and see how they’re affecting other parts of your home. Afterward, we’ll give you a free estimate & our recommendations.

3. Start Roof Repair

Once we’ve assessed the damages and believed a repair makes sense for the longevity of your roof, we’ll get started immediately. If a roof replacement is what we recommend, we’ll look into helping you get started on your insurance claim process. 

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Hometown Roofing Is Your Trusted Austin Roof Repair Company

We are the professional residential roofing company you can depend on for everything related to roofing and construction. A damaged roof happens to be something we’re good at inspecting and fixing down to its core.

There are many things that you, as a homeowner, should look for when you’re in search of a reliable Austin roof repair company. The top three things that we’ve found most homeowners look for are (If it’s not on this list, let us know, and we’ll listen to you):

  1. Will the roofing company show up on time?
  2. Will the roofing company finish the job on time and not leave it unfinished?
  3. Is the roofing company going to overcharge me?

We understand your concerns and have heard it all from folks just like you for over 40 years of providing roofing services to locals in Austin TX.

The last thing you want when it comes to a roof repair in Austin TX is a pushy roofing contractor trying to get more out of you.

As a homeowner, you want a local roofing company that understands what you’re going through, and more importantly, understand your situation well enough to help you until your roof problems no longer bother you.

Our Approach To Your Concerns

When you take a look at Hometown Roofing ATX, we:

  1. Always show up on time. If, for some whatever reason we didn’t, you should expect to hear an apology from us and reschedule for an earlier time.
  2. We finish every job from start to finish. We’ll even help guide you through the insurance claim process and work out the right financing for your roof.
  3. We not your most expensive and we’re not your cheapest out there. We give you a fair price and deliver high-quality roofing and customer service.

We’ve discovered over time and time again that what made us stay in business in the first place was staying true to our fundamentals and treating you, our valued local customers, with the most respect.

We’ll show up on time for our customers, whether it’s for an honest inspection or a fair estimate.

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