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Are you a homeowner in need of Roofing In Austin TX? We’ve got you covered with 40 years of residential roofing experience and certified to do the job right. Just let us know how we can help you!

Residential Roofing Services For Locals In Austin Texas

Giving Our Customers A Hometown Experience & Quality Roofing That Lasts

Roof Inspection

Is your roof old? Or did you go through another hail storm carried by some strong winds? If any of the above is true, then you’re going to need an honest roof inspection. Our roof inspections are an in-depth and thorough process checking your roof from the top, bottom, inside, and outside. We make sure there are no leaks, mold, and other damages present. Get an inspection from a trusted local Austin roofing company like us.

Roofing Repairs

Is your roof leaking, dirty, and sagging? Most roofing damages in Austin Texas come from hail, wind, other natural elements, and age. Our team of friendly professional roofers will inspect your roof for free, and repair your roof if needed. Whether it’s an easy or complicated repair, We’ll always recommend what’s within you and your family’s best interest. We’re your trusted residential roofing company in Austin TX.

Roof Replacement

Is it time for a new roof? While some damages only need a quick repair, old and severely damaged roofs will be better off with a replacement. In either case, we’ll help you safely inspect your roof and customize a solution specifically for your situation. Our roof replacement will save you money, time, and trouble in the long-run. When it comes to Roofing in Austin TX, Hometown Roofing ATX has you covered and protected.

Hail Damage Repairs

When hail storms hit, they leave a trail full of homes with damaged roofs. Mother nature can be cruel. Just when everything is going right, you’re now hit with more unplanned frustration and stress. When a hail storm strikes your area, you should immediately get in contact with a local professional roofing company in Austin, TX, after it passes. Your roof is your first line of defense against the hail storms. Let us help maintain the integrity of your roof.

Wind Damage Repairs

Wind damage can be just as bad as hail damage. In rare cases, a strong wind can pull your entire roof off. A majority of damages from wind include missing shingles, tree branches falling on your roof, and loosening of nails that hold your shingles in place. Any one of these damages caused by strong wind will expose your roof to mold, rot, and leaks. Be sure to check with a local roofing company in Austin to assess the damage for you.

Insurance Claim

Is the damage on your roof significant enough to claim your insurance? We advise that you, as a homeowner, should get in touch with a local roofing company near you to inspect your roof’s damages first before you reach out to your insurance adjuster. The reason is, often, an adjuster isn’t in favor of your best interest. With a local professional roofing contractor by your side, we can help pinpoint the exact damage with proper documentation.

There’s plenty of roofing companies in Austin TX. That means, as a homeowner, you have many options to choose from. The trouble is finding a company that you can trust, and will always show up on time to do the job right from the start.

At Hometown Roofing ATX, you get an honest local family owned and operated roofing company in Austin. We’re helpful and friendly folks who have been working in the industry both as roofers and as sales rep for insurance companies throughout Texas for 40 years. Our knowledge of all the ins and outs will benefit you and make your entire roofing experience painless and stress-free.

Our team of roofing experts will put your mind in a total state of peace. We’re all licensed, insured, and ethical with immense experience in roofing and construction to back it all up.

Hometown Roofing ATX is always here for you!

When disaster hits, your mind is in a complete state of worry, and we don’t want that. To us, your peace of mind is our #1 priority. When you know there’s a residential roofing company in town that you can always call on and get a fast response from, it’s a total stress reliever. We want to let you know that you’re not alone and we’re here to help when the roof over your head starts having problems.

Are you a local searching for a second-to-none customer service experience when it comes to quality roofing in Austin TX? If so, please click below.

Why Choose Hometown Roofing ATX?

Your 110% Reliable Residential Roofing Company In Austin

When your roof leaks or a major storm disaster hits your roof, you don’t have much time to do research and think about which roofing companies in Austin TX you’d best want to work with.

The whole situation can be a total mess and causing you more added problems stacked on top of already existing problems!

We’d rather see you happy, safe, and secure in knowing everything is handled by a local Austin roofing company with experts who cares.

Sure, we’ll fix your roof and make it all better, but in our decades of experience with residential roofing, we’ve noticed that it’s your overall experience with a company that matters the most.

This means your entire journey from meeting us to completing your roof should be a pleasurable working experience. It’s all about 110% respect and care for your situation that makes delivering a quality roof possible.

Our roofing experts are honest with pricing and will never pressure you into a repair or replacement. Our job is to make sure you and your family have a quality roofing system in place to protect what’s important.

At Hometown Roofing ATX, we care. We work with you beyond just being another roofing solution. Our team of roofing experts treats each project as a long-term approach by further helping you with financing and getting right with your insurance claims.

Austin Texas is our hometown, and we care about our locals. Let us help protect the roof over your head. Our Guarantee to you is, we’ll always bring the same consistency in reliability and customer service.

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Getting You & Your Family From A-Z With Ease

Your Insurance Claims, Deductibles, and Flexible Pricing Plans

Insurance claims can be a tough and confusing process for many homeowners. There are a lot of beginner’s mistakes and overlooked damages that can get your claim disapproved. To lessen the chance of getting disapprove when it’s evident that your roof needs a repair/replacement, we’ll help provide pictures, documents, and effectively communicate with your insurance adjuster.

Your priority as a homeowner before starting your insurance claim process is to get in contact with a local roofing contractor in Austin TX, like us, first for an honest roof inspection. After the roof has been inspected by a professional roofer, you can then contact your insurance adjuster.

We’ll be present with you when the adjuster arrives. You’ll have more confidence in knowing that your roof is damaged enough for the claim to be approved.

Once you’re approved, most of the cost for your roof will be covered. You’ll most likely have to pay a small deductible. There’s no way around a deductible, and we highly advise that you not work with a roofer who tells you differently. It’s a crime, and most likely, that contractor will use cheap materials for your roof.

A better way to deal with your deductibles is a flexible pricing plan (if needed). Hometown Roofing ATX can help you with that.

We’re the Austin roofing contractors with decades on experience in both roofing and insurance claim, call us at: (512) 707-9182

1. Honest Assesment

Getting your insurance claim starts with an honest inspection and assessment. With our inspection you’ll be able to know whether your roof needs a replacement or not. There’s no guessing, everything is well documented.

2. Filing Your Claims

Filing your claim isn’t easy and can often times be confusing. With our help you’ll breeze through this process without having to spend hours of running back and forth struggling to get paperwork prolong getting your roof situation handled.

3. Getting Your Claim

Once you get your claim, we’ll help finance your deductibles if needed. We work with reputable lenders. When Finances are in place, we’ll get to work on completing a quality roof replacement for you and your family within a day or two.

Learn More About Insurance Claims and Flexible Financing

You can also speak to a local Austin roofing contractor by calling: 512-707-9182

Types Of Roofs We Provide For Residential Roofing in Austin TX

Our Roofs Are Built With The Best Materials & Have The Best Warranties

Asphalt Shingle Roofs

Asphalt roofs are the most common amongst many homeowners according to HGTV and our experience. The popularity for asphalt roof is its affordability, durability, and ease to repair/install.

Because of this, asphalt roofs make the perfect investment for many homeowners looking to get started on new roofing projects. It’s an easy addition of curb appeal and a reliable material for the integrity of your roof.

Asphalt shingle roofs can last up to 20 years – 50 years. At Hometown Roofing in Austin Texas, we work with you on a “good”, “better”, “best” option that fits your budget & situation with warranties up to 50 years and even lifetime.

Standing Seam Metal Roofs

Do you want to worry less about your roof? Metal roofs last much longer than asphalt roofs. They also can withstand almost anything mother nature throws at them. And did we not mention they look trendy and modern?

The big factors in choosing a metal roof over asphalt is there isn’t much need for maintenance or costly future repairs. Metal roofs also saves you money on your bills year round. A good metal roof can last you upwards to 60-100 years.

There are plenty more benefits with a metal roofs. If you’re someone who wants a strong, secure, and truly lasting roof, metal roofs are your best choice. Contact us for a free estimate at: (512) 707-9182

Are You Located In These Towns Near Austin Texas?

We Provide Superior Roofing In Austin TX And All Surrounding Areas

  • Austin TX:  Austin Texas is a fast growing city. As more people are moving into Austin, you see more and more homes being bought and built everywhere you go. Even big tech companies are moving here up toward Burnet RD where a popular shopping mall called The Domain is located at. Even downtown where the University of Texas at Austin is located is becoming much too crowded these days. The good thing is, rapid growth in the city keeps all of Austin’s roofing contractors, like us, staying busy. If you’re a local resident in Austin Texas and your roofing system is giving you problems, reach out to Hometown Roofing ATX and we’ll get your roof in shape and stronger than ever before.
  • Round Rock TX: Although we primarily provide roofing in Austin TX, we also service to surrounding areas such as Round Rock Texas which is growing just as fast as Austin. Our company first started serving locals here and have expanded quite far out. Round Rock has a special place in our heart and we’ll always provide the same quality roofing and exceptional customer service to the folks in Round Rock.
  • Georgetown TX: A little further out from Round Rock is Georgetown Texas. As Austin Texas grows, it’s expanding through all areas, north, south, west, and east. The distance doesn’t stop Hometown Roofing ATX from serving the folks in this town with quality roofing too.
  • Pflugerville TX: Pflugerville is another suburb in Austin Texas. We also provide quality roofing systems to the locals in this areas as well.
  • Kyle TX: South of Austin we have Kyle Tx which is close to San Marcos and we also provide roofing for local within the surrounding area.
  • Hutto TX: Another town north of Austin we happily serve for many years.

There are other towns we serve to that weren’t mentioned on the list such as Bee Cave, and Dripping Springs. Please, get in contact with us today. We’re always ready to help!

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