Austin Wind Damage Roof Repair

Did your roof survive a strong wind storm? Even though your roof might have made it out without any sign of visible damage, strong winds will always cause some sort of damage to your roof. Unchecked damages exposes your roof to extreme heat and water leaks. If these damages are ignored, it can cause an emergency, and many other expensive roof complications.

Make sure you always have a local roofing company you can call for a proper inspection.

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What Types Of Roof Damage Does High Wind Cause?

A little breeze here and there is nice, but when that breeze turns into a full blown 60 mph wind, everything goes downhill. The best thing to do when strong winds hit is to remain calm and safe inside your home until it passes.

Usually strong winds will carry with it hail, which brings on a whole other damage to your roof.

But since we’re on the topic of damages that wind can do to your roof, we’ll lay out the top damages you can expect to see.

Strong winds can:

  • Lift your shingles completely off the roof. 
  • Bend shingles and cause cracks and creases.
  • Loosen staples and nails that holds the shingles in place
  • lifts the staples and nails off the shingle
  • Missing shingles in multiple places on your roof
  • Debris and tree branches hitting your roof, sometimes they can be large enough to puncture through your roof.
  • Lift off the membrane and underlying layers, leaving your roof completely exposed.

As you can see wind alone can cause serious damage to your roofing system. 

The best thing you can do is always keep your roof ready with proper yearly roof inspection. Older and poorly installed roofs will suffer great damage and it will be an expensive cost to fix.

If you’ve just gone through and experience intense in Austin Texas around your area, contact us right away for an honest inspection of your roof. Neglecting the condition of your roof will give rise to problems regarding roof leaks, mold buildups, and even plumbing related issues.


Wind Damage in Austin TX? Call Us For Repair and Replacement

Get Help From A Local Roofing Company As Early As The Storm Passes

First thing you as a homeowner should do after any storm passes, is to get in contact with a local professional roofing company to inspect your roof. Many homeowners make the mistake of calling their insurance adjuster first. 

Why is it a mistake?

Because an insurance adjuster will miss many damages that are hidden beneath the damaged roof. 

Missing shingles are easy to spot, but cracks and underlying cracks of shingles need to be thoroughly inspected. We also want to inspect the staples and nails that have been lifted off or loosen. Your roof also has many hard to reach places, and there can be tons of damages hidden just beneath.

When you get a local professional roofing company to inspect your roof right after a storm, they will give you a more in-depth and honest assessment. 

If you want to check if your local roofing contractor is honest with his assessment, be around him during the inspection if you can. 

Make Sure The Local Professional Roofing Company Is Well Knowledgeable In Insurance Claim

If your roof is in bad condition after the wind storm, in most cases you’ll need a roof replacement. If your roofing contractor has inspected your roof and came back advising you to get a roof replacement, you want to make sure your contractor is well knowledgeable in the insurance claim process. Here at Hometown Roofing ATX, we’re a local company in Austin Texas who’ll give you an honest inspection and can guide you through the insurance claim process in Austin Texas. We’re here to serve you and provide roofing all in your best interest.