Why Should You Finance Your Roof?

Most roofing damages in Austin stems from the harsh weather we have here during the spring and summer months. You’ll never know what will hit, but pray that it won’t completely destroy your roof.

Austin TX is known for hail storms, strong winds, and extreme heat, and in combination, this makes it not the ideal weather conditions for the majority of homes with an asphalt roof.

Let’s say a storm did hit your area and caused havoc, do you have the funds needed to repair or replace your roof? It’s a worrisome thing to think about and most want to avoid, but the reality is most unexpected roof damages are what most of our customers come to us for.

But to ease your mind, if you don’t already know, our company does offer to finance for our customers. This is a great option for homeowners who are on a tight budget to have a flexible way to pay off their costly roof repair or replacement.

With that being said, you don’t have to necessarily go through a total catastrophic storm to be eligible for our flexible financing.

There are many other reasons why you might want to consider financing as an option.

They are:

  • You might want to finance because you want to upgrade your current roof to a better material with better warranties.
  • Or you might be wanting to install a new roof because you’re planning on selling it soon and need the added curb appeal of a new roof.

Let us go through each scenario and give you a more in-depth look.

Why You’ll Need Financing If Your Roof Has Been Affected By Weather

Most of our customers will be needing financing when a storm has just passed and now they are dealing with unexpected repairs and replacements.

Knowing or predicting whether a storm will do extreme damage to your home simply isn’t realistic. And most homeowners don’t go through roof repairs/replacements frequently for them to think about saving up for unexpected future events with their roof.

When a storm does affect a homeowner’s roof, most won’t have the money. This is where we offer to help homeowners with their financing and make it easy for them to pay it off within several years.

We also help homeowners with their insurance claim as well to make sure they meet the insurance guidelines and provide proper documentation.

Why You’ll Need Financing If You’re Upgrading To New Roof Material

Homeowners who are tired of having to go through multiple roof repairs and replacement from having a shingle roof will oftentimes want to upgrade to more durable materials like a standing seam metal roof, tile, or slate.

Most of these upgraded materials are from better manufacturers and suppliers who have better warranties and might be another attraction to upgrade your roof.

The upgraded materials are usually much more expensive and out of most people’s budget.

But with financing, many homeowners are able to switch to metal roofs that are more durable and have to deal with fewer repairs/replacements.

Our financing for upgraded roofs are flexible and make it more comfortable for homeowners to pay it off within several years.

Why You Might Need Financing If You’re Looking To Sell Your Home Soon

An old home with an old roof that’s been worn out will make it harder for homeowners to sell their home for the desired price.

Without having to pay for a new roof upfront, homeowners who are looking to sell their home in the future can opt-in for financing and have a new roof that instantly increases curb appeal and sell their home for the price they want.

Once the home is sold at the desired price, homeowners can simply pay most if not all of the cost back.

It’s a win-win situation and a great option for those who are planning on selling their home in the near future.


Are you looking to get financing for your roof? We offer affordable, easy, and flexible pricing plans for whatever roofing situation you might be in.

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