Austin Texas Roof Insurance Claim

Do you need help with Austin Texas Roof Insurance Claim? Most homeowners don’t know how to go about it successfully. There’s a lot of back and forth between your local professional roofer and insurance adjuster before your claim can be approved. Here at Hometown Roofing ATX, we’ll help guide you through the entire roof insurance claim process in Texas, from starting one to getting it approved.

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Importance Of Getting It Right From The Start

Are You Avoiding The Texas Insurance Claim Process?

It’s ok, we get it. Insurance claims aren’t fun, and like many homeowners, you’re thinking of the multiple ways a contractor and insurance adjuster can join forces to try and milk as much money out of you as they possible can.

Although, that is a legitimate concern, it’s normal and you have every right to feel that way. 

But most of your fears and concerns from insurance claims can be eliminated if you just knew what to do “right” from the start. 

Once you do everything right, Insurance claims won’t be that scary. You’ll see that there’s actually people who really do want to help you. 

That takes us to the very first step. 

Let’s say you’re a homeowner who has just gone through a pretty terrible hail storm here in Austin Texas. You judge from the size of the hail to be quite large and there has got to be some damages done to your roof. 

Your first step is to contact a local roofing contractor in the area to inspect your roof. Here’s the part where you need to get right for everything to go your way.


Your roof contractor must be someone who’s knowledgeable in insurance claim inside and out. They also need to be reputable and trusted by many. 

How do you find a such a contractor?

The best way is through referrals. Just ask neighbors, friends, and family.

Then you can do a bit of research yourself. Hop onto Google and read all the reviews. Make sure you read their bad reviews too and see how they handled it.

It can take some time, but the right contractor will walk you through the entire process and handle complications. They should be able to address:

  • Issues that arise with your mortgage company.
  • Effectively working with your insurance adjuster on making sure all damages are covered and any additional repair if needed.
  • Making sure the price estimate is within the range that your insurance adjuster.
  • And lastly making sure your roof is completed with the best materials available through your budget.

A New Roof With Peace Of Mind

Your Quick Guide To Making The Texas Insurance Claim Easy

To help you understand the process better. This is your roadmap to make sure you’re on the right track on getting your repairs or new roof covered with your contractor and insurance adjuster.

1. Roof Inspection

As we’ve talked about previously, you want to get your roof inspected by a local professional roofing contractor who is experienced and very familiar with Austin Texas insurance claims.

The roofer you chose will be able to give you an honest inspection with proper documentation and photos of the damaged areas on your roof. Now you can present these to your insurance adjuster.

2. Insurance Adjuster

Once you’ve gotten an honest roof inspection and have your contractor there with you, you can reach out to your insurance company. They’ll have someone come do an inspection of your roof on their side. 

The insurance adjuster will arrive and you’ll have your roofing contractor with you to make sure no damages are overlooked and to agree in terms of appropriate price for the roof.

3. First Check

Once the contractor and adjuster have agreed on the price estimate, you’ll get your 1st check sent to you. 

The things is you can do what you want with the check, but it should be used for your roof repair/replacements. Both your mortgage company (if you have a mortgage) and your insurance company are expecting you to use it for that purpose. The first check will go to your contractor to start the project.

4. Completion

Once your roof has been completed your professional roofing contractor will give you an invoice of completion to receive your 2nd check. This check is for your insurance company to release the remaining funds knowing that it’s going to the new roof.

You will then have to pay your deductible. If you can’t, you contractor will provide financing. You should not avoid the deductible or get your contractor to pay it for you. It is a crime.

Frequent Questions

Why Do I Receive Two Checks Rather Than Just One?

It’s all because when homeowners receive the checks it’s all in their power. We highly advise that you use that check to fix your roof. The first check is for the insurance company to make sure that you use it for the roof. 

Once the roof is completed, then will the insurance company issue the remainder of your funds. 

It’s all check and balance to keep track of the funds being appropriately used for its intended purpose. 


Why Does My Mortgage Company Have To Get Involved?

If you have a mortgage, your contractor will need to do paper work before they can get started on your roof and for your insurance company to issue out the funds.

Mortgages have invested in your property and they want to make sure your roof damages will be taken care of. 

Mortgage lenders may also withhold your funds to make sure the roof gets completed. 

As you can see the priority here is to get your roof repaired and make sure the funds are used correctly for the intended purpose.