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When it comes to roofing in Pflugerville TX, we are your trusted family of roofers to call on. Whether it’s an emergency or a simple fix for your roof, you can rest assure that a friendly roofing contractor at Hometown Roofing ATX will be there to assist you quickly, on time, and with a perfect solution for your roofing situation.

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Installing Quality Roofing Systems For Homeowners

Stressing The Importance Of Proper Roof Installation

As a homeowner, the last thing you’d want is to go through is more costly roof repairs and roof replacements.

Here at Hometown Roofing ATX, we’ve stressed the importance of getting a proper roof in place from the start in almost every consultation with our customers.

We understand how annoying and stressful it can be when your roof consistently finds itself dealing with the same problems year after year.  

More problems with your roof mean more money out of your pocket and can take up all your time through days, weeks, and even months. 

After 40+ years of roofing, we’ve come across hundreds of roof repairs and replacements every year. What we’ve seen is that recurring roofing problems that arise no matter how many repairs you’ve gone through have always been linked to poor installation.

Here is a small list of common installation issues that have an impact on the integrity of your roof:

  • Unaligned Shingles and Improper Placements: If you were to take a closer look at most poorly installed roofs, you would see roof shingles that leave small gaps in certain areas. Improper placement will cause water to go through the gaps and cause interior damage and ultimately leaks.
  • Improper/Wrong Flashing Installation: This one will bite you back when multiple leaks occur throughout your roof. Flashing is essential for your chimney and pipes to prevent water from getting through. Many flashings are either 
    • 1. installed incorrectly or, 
    • 2. the job was done in a quick hurry and often resulted in repeated leak issues that end up costing you thousands of dollars every year.
  • Covering up Damaged Foundation: We call this sweeping the problem under the rug. Usually, this happens when the roofing contractor is careless or is rushing the job. Lack of integrity on a contractor’s work makes your roof’s foundation weak because it’s not appropriately fixed from the start of the replacement project.

Long-term solution to save you money & time - Get it right the first time!

The truth is anyone can put up a beautiful looking roof. But not everyone has the years of experience to properly install a roof that lasts and gives you the ultimate total peace-of-mind.

Our process goes like this. 

It starts with us giving you an honest assessment, and helping you understand exactly the root cause of your roofing situation. We then help you sort out your finances, insurance, and choosing the material for your roof. Finally, we carefully install your roof with proper procedure and from experience of what works best.

Roof Inspection & Explanation

Our roof inspection is an honest assessment of your roof, where we provide photos and accurately document the types of damages throughout your entire roof from the inside and outside. It’s important to us that you fully understand the situation. Our contractors will

Customized Detailed Planning

We’ll customize an action plan that’s aimed to fix at the root cause of your roofing problems. Because not all homes are made the same, a proper roofing solution requires a customized plan. We work through your finances, insurance claims, and quality material to use.

Proper Roof Installs

If your roof has the highest quality of material but was poorly installed, it won’t last you very long. At Hometown Roofing ATX, we pay close attention to every part of the installation from the underlayment to the very placement of each shingle. We are about proper roof installation, not cutting corners.

We Answer To Your Call

Your Personal Residential Roofing Contractors In Pflugerville TX

It’s a massive relief for many homeowners to have a roofing company in Pflugerville that they know they can call on at any time and get an immediate response from.

Because we only specialize in providing services to homeowners, we get to know and understand who our customers are. 

We’re building lasting relationships with each customer, providing unmatched customer service, and getting our customers high-quality roofing systems in place.

If you’re a homeowner looking for reliable roofing contractors you can depend on, reach out to us and let us be of service to you and your family.

Attention To Details - Quick Turn Around - stand by our work

Why Work With Us As Your Roofing Company In Pflugerville

We are a focused residential roofing company and not like other companies that focus on both residential and commercial. Because we heavily focus on residential roofing, we’ve become specialists in just one field. We have developed customized roofing solutions over the years for many of the problems homeowners are dealing with when it comes to their roofs.

With 40+ years of experience in both the roofing and insurance industry, we’ve become versatile and capable of helping local homeowners in Pflugerville get the benefit they need when it comes to their roof.

When you work with Hometown Roofing ATX, we help you create a long-term custom plan for your roofing needs in full attention to details. By doing this, we want you to have 100% confidence in your decisions when it comes to financing and choosing the right materials.

We understand that time and having a roof up is important to your family, and we have a quick turn around without compromising the quality. We stand by our work, so if we make a mistake, we’ll fix it free of charge.

Attention to Details

The attention to detail makes all the difference when it comes to your roof. We make sure that every shingle or metal panel placed on your roof is installed as close to perfection from the very first to very the last. We also make sure your property is well taken cared of and prioritize the cleanliness after our work is complete.

Quick Turn Around

Completing your roof on time is a must. We don’t let any project drag on for days, or worse failing to complete it. A quick turn around links back to our attention to details. We make sure correct materials are ordered on time, and measurements are accurate. We get it done one time and make it last for years. ​

Stand By Our Work

When providing professional roofing in Pflugerville TX, we carry ourselves as a professional roofing company that’s always there for our customers no matter what. When you get a roof done by us, you have our promise of quality. We stand by our work and make sure you get the quality you deserve or else we fix it.

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Kind Words From Our Past Roofing Customers In Pflugerville

"I found Hometown Roofing when I lost half of my roof to Hurricane Harvey winds in Pflugerville. It shouldn't have happened as a new roof was installed by the seller at the time I purchased it. Little did I know it was a lousy job and 6 months later shingles started coming off. I didn't trust that roofer to do the repairs and was lucky to find James at Hometown Roofing. He walked me through everything that needed to be done and provided photos I was able to use with my insurance company. They are a great company with experienced roofers and trustworthy management. Yes, I will call only Hometown Roofing if another serious storm hits me."
Charlotte Garrison
"James was great! He first came to see me when I asked for him to check my roof after a storm. He could have told me whatever to get my business. He told me that my roof was OK and didn't charge for the visit. Because of this refreshing honesty, he was the first I called when I wanted to add shingles to all around my home. He was always upfront with all the work and cost, no surprises. Reasonable pricing and professional service. My house has amazing shingles and they look awesome. James is my go to for my roof."
Fernando U.