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Whether it’d be an asphalt roof, metal roof, or whatever the type of roof you have, we can help you fix any minor or major issues you’re dealing with.

Here at Hometown Roofing ATX, we stress the importance of having a proper roof installed or repaired. The main reason why most homeowners deal with serious leakage on their roof is because of poor installation by the previous roofing company they worked within the past.

Often due to poor roof installation, homeowners, like you, will end up having to pay on more and more on roof repairs every single year. 

We want to help you avoid paying more out of your pocket for something that you didn’t do. 

A roof is already a considerable investment, to begin with, and it should serve its purpose without having to cause a great deal of stress and frustration.

With our years of experience and expertise in both roofing and insurance, we can help any local homeowner in Hutto TX get the proper roofing services they need for them and their family.

If you’re looking for a Hutto roofing company that does it right from the start. We offer a free inspection and written estimate when you give us a call at (512) 707-9182


How Can Hometown Roofing ATX
Help Locals In Hutto TX?

Hutto Roof Repairs

Are your skylights leaking? Or maybe you’ve just gone through a storm and saw a few shingles in your backyard. 

Whatever the damage is, you know there’s something not right with your roof, and it needs immediate attention before things turn into a disaster.

Calling the right roofing contractor in Hutto TX, should be your top priority. We urge that you give us a call if there are any damages detected. Our friendly experts will freely inspect your roof and repair the root cause of the problem.

Hutto Roof Replacements

Sometimes a repair won’t do you any good. That’s when a new roof would be much more beneficial to you and your family.

When it comes to roof replacement, you can’t just get anyone to put on a new roof for you in Hutto TX. Remember, proper installation matters.

If you’re looking for proper installation that won’t stress you out throughout the years, give us a call. We’ll walk you through your insurance claim, work on a financial plan, and make an entire custom plan that’s tailored towards your best interest.

What Can Our Customers Expect?

Exceptional And Professional Roofing Contractors in Hutto TX

Honest Roofing

We’ll never pressure you into anything. Our purpose is to educate our customers and give them proper roofing guidance so that they can make secure decisions without any doubt.

Long Lasting Roofs

A proper roofing system should last you 15 – 25 good years. We do our best with our experience of what works to give you and your family a roof that’ll much serve you for many years to come.

Fast Turn Around

It’s not just important to get proper roofing installed. It’s also crucial that we get your roof up and running as soon as possible (1-2 days). A storm can start at any moment. Your safety is our priority.

Stand By Work 110%

We’re a Hutto roofing company that stands by all of our work and beyond that! If it’s our fault, we fix it completely free of charge. You should not have to worry one bit when you choose us.

your feeling of safety and peace is our priority

Maximizing The Integrity Of Your Roofing System

The integrity of your roof is important to us because it’s a direct reflection of how we do business and the positive impact we have on our community.

A proper roof over your home should be the shield that makes you feel safe and at peace.

With so much going on in life, the last place you want to feel stressed, frustrated, and worried is in your very own home. After all, your home is a sanctuary, and there’s just no place like home.

With that said, when you work with us folks at Hometown Roofing ATX, we give you our full attention and do whatever we can to fully understand your situation so that we can work together to customize the right solution for you.

It also helps to inform you of every detail that only an expert can provide through photos and videos.

When you call us for a free roof inspection, we want to help educate and show you exactly what’s happening to your roof. Many damages are hidden to the naked eye that you can’t see without experience and proper investigation.

Once you fully understand the situation, it’s then that we can work together and help you make a proper decision that you’re 100% confident in.

You’ll be well equipped with knowledge about your roof, and the way we installed it to mitigate any worrisomeness of a faulty roof.

We also stand by our work, so you’ll have the original roofers who installed your roof to help fix any issues.

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1.) Get A Free Inspection

Yep! You read it right. We offer a free honest inspection for our customers. With this inspection, you’ll have photos, documents to show precisely the damage that’s spotted on your roof. You’ll even have a better understanding of when your roof will be due for a replacement in the future.

2. Work & Plan Together

Once your roof is inspected and depending on how severe the damages are, we’ll work with you on creating a customized plan to get your roofing system back in order. Everything gets handled professionally and efficiently. We’ll also guide you through insurance, finances, and materials for your roof.

3. Install With Full Confidence

Once you know exactly what’s going on with your roof and why it needs the customized plan, we’ll get samples of materials for you to choose from. We make sure you get the best of every step and that your decisions are what you’re comfortable knowing it is right for your family, home, and roof. 

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