Hail Damage Roof Repair In Austin TX

Every year you can expect there to be some hail in Austin Texas. Hail damage is common in Austin and whether they’re small or large, they will leave some serious damage to your roof. Unless you have a metal roof you should be fine from most hail storms, but still show be inspected from time to time..

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What Happens When Hail Hits Your Roof?

Your roof is suppose to be strong and resilient enough to endure hail storms, right?

Although your roof is built to be strong and can withstand most hail storms, it won’t however make it out without taking some kind of damage. 

There are many factors to take in when determining if your roof will be able to make it out without any major damages. If you have a roof that’s old or not properly installed, It’ll put you at a greater risk for serious hail damage.

You’ll also have to take into the consideration of the size of the hail. Small little pebble sized hail might not do much, but larger sizes, around a quarter to baseball, will definitely leave you with a mess.

When hail hit’s it’s not just the shingles you should be worried about, but also your pipes, the flashing on your chimney and vents. These parts of your roof, if taken a lot of damage, can cause leaks, mold buildups, and rotting of wood.



The worse thing you can do as a homeowner is ignore a proper inspection after the storm. If another storm passes by, let’s say it’s a wind storm now, your roof will suffer through more damage and starts affecting other building structure that makes up your home.

It’s important for us to assess the damage and let you know exactly if you need a simple roof repair, or a whole roof replacement.

At Hometown Roofing ATX, we know the insurance claim process inside-out including any deductibles. We’ll help you start your claim and get your cost covered for your roof replacement and help with financing if needed.

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What Type Of Hail Damage Should You Look For?

When it comes to hail damage you want to have some idea of what types of damages to look out for. Being able to understand the damages yourself will make it easier for you to examine the honesty of your local professional roofer when he’s inspecting your roof. 

When hail hits your roof, the most obvious signs are what you can examine below such as mailboxes and air conditioning machines. The only problem is those aren’t on your roof, they do serve as a quick indication of how severe the damage is and that you should get your roof inspected.

If it was a bad hail storm it will cause dents and dings to you gutters and waterspout. This is a clear indication that your roof will have hail damage that may need a roof replacement.

Here are some damages we look for when inspecting your asphalt roof:

  • Bruising of the Asphalt Shingle: This is when the force of impact from the hail is significant enough to penetrate and shatter the fiberglass of the shingle. If you touch the area of impact, it’s soft and there will be lost of granules on the shingle. Overtime if the damaged will cause leaks as the damaged shingles begins to degrade quickly overtime .
  • Collateral Hail Damage: Dings and dents around chimney, vents, and other pipes on top of your roof helps us determine the size of the hail storm. The flashing around the areas of your chimney, vents and pipes could have been cracked by hail. These cracks allow water to slip through and cause leakage. It’s important to have your local professional roofer check these areas. 
Often times hail damage are hard to see to the untrained eyes. Even the smallest damages can eventually brew into something that’ll drive up repair costs and huge unplanned expenses.

Get A Local Professional When Emergency Hits

Severe Hail Damage & Insurance Claim For Your Roof

Do you have a professional roofing company to call on in case of an emergency? 

Hail happens quite often in Austin Texas and surround areas of Central Texas. When hail hits, it’ll do plenty of damage to your roof. Often times hail damage can’t be easily repair and require you to get a whole new roof. Before you consider getting a whole new roof, make sure your local authorized roofing professional is well educated with the insurance claim process.

Insurance claim will allow you, the homeowner, to get a majority of your cost covered for a new roof. You’ll only have to pay a deductible. 

You want to make sure you hire a local professional roofer to inspect, and help you with your insurance claim if a new roof is needed.

Hometown Roofing ATX is a local professional roofing company in the Austin area here to assist you with an honest roof inspections, provide guidance on your insurance claim, and offer flexible finances for your roof it’s if needed. Get in contact with us today!