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Are you a homeowner needing a local Austin Roof Inspection? Maybe you’ve just gone through a crazy hail storm with wild winds and unsure whether you need a simple repair or whole new roof.

To put your mind at ease, you did the right thing in searching for a local trusted company for a roof inspection in Austin TX. The next step would be to call us and let us know what you’re dealing with and schedule a proper time to meet.

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Unsure Of The Condition Your Roof Is In?

Austin Texas gets hit with a storm every year, or at least you can expect one or two every year. Whether it’s hail or strong winds, you know that when it comes, your roof is the first in the front line protecting everything inside your home.

After a storm passes, most homeowners fail to get proper inspection for their roof. The biggest mistake you can make is getting a roof inspection from a storm chaser. Many are not there to give an honest inspect on your roof, but rather to try and sell you into a bigger deal.

It’s why we mentioned earlier that you did the right thing in looking for a local roofing company for your roof inspection in Austin TX.

A further note to working with a local roofing company is that we know the exact ins and the outs of an insurance claim for Austin Texas if a roof replacement is needed.

This means if your roof indeed does need a replacement, rest assure we can help you get approved for your insurance claim for your new roof. 

If you need a roof inspection in Austin Texas, Hometown Roofing is your local trusted residential roofing company here to help every step of the way.


A Local Roof Inspection In Austin TX Will Help You In The Long-Run

Having a local Austin roof inspection is your best option for multiple of reasons:

  1. Know exactly if you just need a quick repair or a new roof.
  2. Help maintain or increase your property value before selling.
  3. Prevent further damage to other structure in your home which could raise your bills

1.) Will You Need Repair or Replacement?

When it comes to your roof, you want to know exactly what you need to do for it to continue protecting and functioning properly for your family. If your roof needs a replacement, but you think a repair will do, it’s going to cause a lot of major problems down the line and rack up your bills. So does you home need a new roof? We’ll have to find out.

2.) Maintain or Increase Property Value Before Selling!

Before you consider selling your home, check to make sure you get your roof inspected to see if it’s still in great condition. If your roof has problems, you won’t be able to sell it as high as you’d like. If you want to maximize your profit from selling your home, get it inspected and if a replacement is needed, you will instantly increase the value.

3.) Prevent Future Damages & Ventilation Problems

Besides your roof protecting everything inside your home, it also works together with other parts of your home such as your HVAC. A healthy roof will keep your home well ventilated and not drive up your bills. Also when your roof is severely damaged or old, it’s most likely that other structures that makes up your home will be damaged as well.

Keep your roof 100% ready and always planNing ahead

When Should Your Get A Roof Inspection In Austin TX?

The general advice is to get your roof inspection every year for at least two times. One during the spring time and one during the fall.

Should you as a homeowner stick to that advice?

Yes, because during the spring and fall, the weather makes it much easier for a roofing professional to properly inspect your roof and assess the damages done during the extremely hot and cold seasons.

Other than the general advice, during late spring and summer in Austin TX, our chances of getting hail and lots of wind is much higher. Because of this it adds more of a reason to get your roof inspected in the early spring to prepare and early fall to assess the damage done and get it ready for the cold.

As you can see, proper roof inspection is a loop to make sure your roof will endure and withstand the harsh Texas weather.

If your roof is old, discolored, and sagging, a roof inspection is a priority task to check off your list this year.

For all your roof inspection in Austin TX, contact Hometown Roofing ATX. We’re here to help locals homeowners, like yourself, get their roofing system properly checked and in place for anything that mother nature will throws at you.

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Call Hometown Roofing First Before Your Insurance Agent

The first step to getting your roof repaired is to call us or fill out our free estimate form. Once we get to talk and understand the problem you’re having with your roof, we’ll schedule an appointment to meet and inspect your roof from top to bottom. 

We’ll issue documents that you’ll need to show your insurance adjuster the types of damage they’ll help you cover. 

In most cases, repairs may be paid out of pocket by you since those are small damages. But if your roof is filled with broken shingles, missing shingles, and cracks on chimney/pipes, a repair won’t do. You’re going to need a whole roof replacement. 

To get your insurance company to help you cover the cost, you’ll need the help of a trusted roofer by your side to help show damages that otherwise would be overlooked by the insurance adjuster. This is where our documents play an important role in showing the honest evidence of roof damage that qualifies you for a claim.

Let Hometown Roofing ATX help you inspect your roof properly.

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Hometown Roofing Is Your Trusted Austin Roof Repair Company

We are the residential roofing contractors who you can depend on for everything related to roofing and construction. A damaged roof just happens to be something we’re really good at inspecting and fixing down to its core.

There are many things that you as a homeowner look for when you’re in search of a reliable Austin roof repair company. The top three things that we’ve found most homeowners look for are (If it’s not on this list, let us know and we’ll listen to you):

  1. Will the roofing company show up on time?
  2. Will the roofing company finish the job on time and not leave it unfinished?
  3. Is the roofing company going to overcharge me?

We understand your concerns and have heard it from folks just like you for over 33 years of servicing roofing to locals in Austin TX.

As a homeowner you want a local roofing company that understands what you’re going through and more importantly, understand your situation well enough to help you until your roof problems no longer bothers you.

Our Approach To Your Concerns

When you take a look at Hometown Roofing, we:

  1. Always show up on time. If for some whatever reason we didn’t, you should expect to hear an apology from us and reschedule for an earlier time.
  2. We finish every job. From start to finish. We’ll even help guide you through the insurance claim process and work out the right financing for your roof.
  3. We not your most expensive and we’re not your cheapest out there. We give you a fair price and deliver high quality roofing and customer service.

We’ve discover over time and time again that what made us stay in business in the first place was holding true to our fundamentals and treating you, our valued local customers, with the most respect.

We make time and show up on time for our customers whether it’s for an honest inspection or a fair estimate.

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